Boutique Owners

Monday, May 17, 2021

   I know first hand how difficult running a retail space, online boutique or consignment business. Listings, photography, measurements, can one stay on top of all these things on a boutique-owners to-do list?

   That is where we come in here at Glow Social Studio. We would love to assist you in tasks such as photography, models for live sales, brand ambassadors and grand opening events.

   Perhaps your boutique hosts annual in-store events  you need help marketing and planning; we can help get the job done! Leave it up to Glow Social Studio to handle all things from invites to thank you cards. We are super detail oriented and enthusiastic.

   Many boutiques do not have a newsletter or text reminders for their potential and current customers; we can also help with newsletters and creating content! Get in touch today; we cannot wait to speak to you.

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